Allerton Project visit - 29th April 2024

The Allerton Project researches the effects of different farming methods on wildlife and the environment, sharing the results of their research through advisory and educational activities. This is undertaken on their 320-hectare demonstration farm based in Leicestershire.

Their work covers natural capital accounting, agri-environment schemes and regenerative farming systems. From soil and water, to woodland and environmental habitat that increases biodiversity, they aim to build farmland resilience. Their research teams collaborate with other research organisations and help co-supervise numerous PhD and MSc projects.

Visitors to the project include businesses, policy makers, non-government organisations, regulators, farmers, advisors, students and schools. 

An all day visit to the Allerton Project

Where: Loddington, Leicestershire LE7 9XE - Transport to be arranged

Previous Events

Farm Mapping - February 2024

Land managers and advisors gathered at the CCB's offices in Chinnor for a hands-on workshop on Land App.  This cloud-based mapping tool empowers users to plan, manage, and analyze their land with ease. Led by Alison and Ted, the session provided a perfect introduction for beginners and a helpful refresher for those already familiar with the platform.

Participants learned how to:

By the end of the workshop, attendees gained the confidence to navigate Land App and unlock its potential for their farms.

Event - November - Clean Air Farming

The agriculture sector accounts for 88%3 of UK emissions of ammonia, which is emitted during storage and spreading of manures and slurries and from the application of inorganic fertilisers. Excess nitrogen from farming practices can be emitted to the air as ammonia, can cause the release of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide to the atmosphere contributing to climate change, and can be re-deposited onto soils and plants, and into freshwater.  It can completely change the structure of plant communities by favouring more robust nitrogen-loving plants, such as common nettle, cow parsley, and old man’s beard at the expense of other wildflowers, and this in turn can impact on insect populations.

Nitrogen is expensive and no one wants to waste it, but what efficiencies can we secure to protect the environment and the pocket?

The event was led by Niels Corfield an independent farm advisor focussing on sustainable farming systems he designed this session to look at and discuss ways of reducing reliance on N and securing N efficiencies.

Event - October - Water Management in an Unpredictable Climate

Kindly hosted by Crowmarsch Battle Farms we learned from representatives of ADAS about managing water on our farms from soil structure to slurry pit management, rainwater harvesting and management of farmsteads and sprayers etc.

We were lucky enough to see some great practical examples on the farm, visiting cropped areas and the newly erected sprayer facility with bio-wash etc.

Dung Beetles & Earthworms

Kindly hosted by the Nettlebed Estate

Home of The Nettlebed Creamery, producers of amazing cheeses.

Around a dozen members met on a rather warm day (Thursday 7th September 2023) to be introduced to the fascinating, but vital world of dung beetles by entomologist and farmer Sally-Anne Spence

She provided an enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable (and practical) introduction to dung beetles and earthworms and their importance to our soils and ultimately water quality.  

We did some ‘classroom’ learning and then after lunch (which featured cheese from the estate and delicious home-grown figs) we took a look at the dung in a field that the dairy cows had recently been in, where we were taught how to survey a cow-pat and identify the various species of beetle.


Grasses Day