Christmas Common Farmers


We are a group of farmers located around the village of Christmas Common in Oxfordshire who form part of one of DEFRA's 200 or so Facilitation Funded groups. Please feel free to explore this website to learn what we are doing, the events we are participating in and the outcomes we have achieved.


The group's objectives encompass creating a water-resilient landscape by addressing floods, droughts, and water quality issues, adopting clean air farming practices to reduce ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions, improving soil health through regenerative agriculture, enhancing biodiversity by supporting local species and habitats, and increasing community engagement to promote understanding of farming landscapes. 

The main priorities include improving water quality and management by minimizing pesticide and phosphate impacts, managing surface water runoff and erosion, and safeguarding floodplains for biodiversity. 

They also focus on preserving priority habitats and species like grasslands, farmland birds, and arable plants, while working towards climate change mitigation through informed land management and technology advancements for achieving net-zero or better emissions.

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